Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stay at home mom- To be or not to be...

In class we just began discussing the chapter in our book called Work and Home.  Of course it talks about different family situations, dual earner homes, traditional, and so forth.  So we've been talking about the effects of having both parents work outside the home, the effects of day care, having the mom stay home- the list can go on and on.

I find it fascinating the way the world has changed and morphed.  My professor brought up a good point.  He said that until approximately the Industrial Revolution (and other Revolutions really) work was not seen as this little subcategory of life.  It was life.  And your family did everything right along side of you and helped along the way.  Housework was just as important as other work being done- such as farming and hunting.  The homemakers did so much and they were seen as crucial pieces to the family puzzle.

I think the world today undermines what's going on in the home or what should be going on.  My personal opinion is that the wives should become stay at home moms and be there for their children all of the time.  Not just in the afternoons or weekends.  No.  All the time.  I also think that fathers should not become workaholics.  Their role in helping nurture their children and helping them develop appropriately is critical.  A father needs to be in the home as well.

I think that if the mom does stay home life can go better.  Things can be more organized and can be more routine and not rushed.  I think it can be a better environment for children to grow up in and this is the kind of home I want for my children.

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