Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Affair to Remember

Don't you think all affairs would be remembered?  I just thought it was a dumb title of a movie but then again I've never seen the movie so I guess I should watch it before I judge.  Anyway, this week we talked a lot about affairs and what we can change in our habits, what we can do to prevent, and what we can avoid.  It's true that there is so much that we can do as soon as we start seriously dating someone that will lessen the chance of running into problems with relationships outside of marriage.  I found it all very useful and interesting but I think the thing that stuck out to me the most this week was that there are different forms of affairs.  There are emotional affairs, fantasy affairs, relationships, and sexual affairs.  There does not need to be sex for it to count as an affair.  I think emotional affairs are just as dangerous.  I think there is only so much love that we can give and if we start giving it to another person we have to take it away from somewhere and so usually we end up taking it away from our spouse.  This just causes things to get worse and we start a never ending cycle.  If we remain completely faithful to our spouse however, we won't have these problems and we can strengthen each other and grow.  The world should be rid of affairs if you ask me.  They're no good.  None whatsoever.

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